1 The Spy in the White House

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The Spy in the White House

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by Timothy Bush

Reviewed by Steven T. (age 8)

The Spy in the White House

KC's mom is going to marry the president but someone is spying on their private wedding and leaking information to reporters. KC and her best friend Marshall are going to find out who! But will they find the fiend or will they have to cancel the wedding?

The Spy in the White House is a Capital Mystery book, a series written by Ron Roy. I like this book because it is full of lots of red herrings. These clues are there to throw you off the trail. The person I suspected most because of the clues wasn't the guilty one. At the end, you find out that the way the culprit got the information was pretty sneaky. My favorite part is when KC asked Marshall to dance and he ran away! It made me laugh to think of Marshall running away from a girl.

I recommend A Spy in the Whitehouse to people who love mysteries. Kids in grades 2-4 should read this book. If you like this book I also recommend Who Cloned the President?