1 The Spy in the White House

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The Spy in the White House

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by Timothy Bush

Reviewed by Jake K. (age 8)

The Spy in the White House

Has your mom ever married the president? This book is about 2 kids named KC Coran and Marshall Li. KC's mom is marrying the president and they do not want anyone to know. But a news reporter, Darla Darling, knows where their honeymoon is and the color of KC's mom's dress. KC and Marshall are trying to figure out who is spying on them.

I liked this book because it has good details and description. It helped me see it and not read it. My favorite part is when KC asked Marshall to dance with her but Marshall runs away. It is hilarious! I liked the character Arnold because he rides a motorcycle and some day I want to ride one too.

I recommend this book to second through fourth graders who like Ron Roy books and The Capital Series Mysteries. This book has good elaboration and it is fun. It was very surprising to find out who the spy was. You should go get this book before anybody else because it is popular.