1 The Case of the Best Pet Ever

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The Case of the Best Pet Ever

Written by James Preller

Illustrated by John Speirs

Reviewed by Daniel K. (age 9)

The Case of the Best Pet Ever

Do you like detective stories? If you do, this is a good book for you. Bobby Solofsky gets accused of stealing the prize for the annual dog show. He asks detectives Jigsaw Jones and Mila to help him solve the mystery. Mila and Jigsaw follow leads and question suspects until they solve the case.

The Case of the Best Pet Ever is a good book because it has a surprise ending that is hard for the reader to solve. I also like the characters Jigsaw and Mila because they have cool ways of communicating like writing messages in secret code. They make a great detective team.

I recommend this book to kids in second and third grade who love to read mysteries. The ending has a funny, happy moment. If you read it, I bet you will enjoy The Best Pet Ever, too!