1 Skeleton in the Smithsonian

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Skeleton in the Smithsonian

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by Timothy Bush

Reviewed by Molly M. (age 8)

Skeleton in the Smithsonian

Have you ever been to the Smithsonian? KC and Marshall have. They've been there on an urgent mission with the President of the United States. They went to test the DNA of James Smithson to see if it matches Leonardo Fisher's DNA. If it does, Leonardo inherits millions of dollar. If not, it proves he's a liar. If you want to find out what happens, you should read Skeleton in the Smithsonian.

I loved this book because it was about two kids working together to solve a problem. I just wish my little sister and I could work together like that. My favorite part was when they showed a funny picture of the little dog that was so happy in a graveyard. This book is similar to Who Cloned the President? because it has the same characters and also both books have a surprise ending!

I recommend this book because the author Ron Roy uses interesting ways to add details,like when he described how hot it was out. He also makes everything suspicious. I think this book is good for kids in second to fourth grade who love mysteries.