1 Buster and the Giant Pumpkin

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Buster and the Giant Pumpkin

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Christian N. (age 6)

Buster took the biggest pumpkin. Buster is packing to go to Oregon. He?s going to a farm. The farm looks very scary because all the pumpkins are giant. The towers are big too. He writes a lot of letters to his friends. He lives in Elwood City. Buster planted a seed last spring in a milk jug and now its growing outside because it needs room to grow. He wrote another letter to his friend. He lies in Elwood City also. He measured a big pumpkin.

I liked this book because I was very good at reading the story because I want to be an author. And I would write a story like this. I would like to have a very very big pumpkin. I would like to grow apples too, cause he likes to eat apples. I like this book because of the pictures.

I think Joshua, Jolyon, Ashley and Eddie and Roy would like this book because it is very very good, and because I like it. Anybody who would want to see a big pumpkin would like this book. A cowboy would like this book because he lives on a farm.