1 Racing Stripes

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Racing Stripes

Written by David Schmidt

Illustrated by David Schmidt

Reviewed by Kyle K. (age 8)

Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes by David Schmidt, is a hilarious book! At the beginning of the book, a zebra is rescued by a girl and a farmer. They named him Stripes. They raised him on a farm. He's full of black and white stripes, but the other horses think he's a striped horse, not a zebra. Walsh farm is where Stripes now lives at, is near a racetrack where the farmer Nolan, used to work. The other horses were racing there. They didn't tell him they're racing there because they hate him. Stripes saw them race. He thought he looked like those horses. So one day, Channing, Nolan's daughter, decided to challenge one of them in a race. Unfortunately, they lost that race. But that didn't stop them from quitting! So Channing trained Stripes for the Big Race. While training, Stripes fell in love with a white, female horse named Sandy. Later on, the other horses found out that Stripes likes her. So the other horses kidnapped Sandy to enter him in the Big Race. The race is on! Will Sandy be rescued? Can Stripes believe he can win? Or will he be left behind? Read to find out what he does!

This book is a book that knocked my socks off! One reason is that if you look through this book, you'll find real pictures. Another reason to read this book is because it contains cool words. The last reason you should read this book is for the funny events that take place at an old racetrack at Walsh farm, and at the Big Race. When Stripes is practice- racing, he slips in the mud and gets dirty and muddy. That is just one of the funny events! So you can see, Racing Stripes is a knock your socks off book because it has real pictures, funny words, and cool events!

I recommend this book for people who like to be thrilled and astonished. You'll find words you never heard before! This book will hold you in suspense and have problems on every page. So if you want to be thrilled and astonished, buy this book!