1 Avatar the Last Airbender

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Avatar the Last Airbender

Written by Michael Teitelbaum

Illustrated by Shane J Jhonson

Reviewed by KIshan S. (age 9)

Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender is a great action book by Michael Teitlbaum. In the beginning, a little boy was not allowed to do earthbending, but he secretly did it anyway. Then he heard a voice, it was Katara, Hura's friend. They heard another voice. It was an old man that was stuck in rocks. So Hura used his earthbending power to break him free. Soon the fire nation captured him and brought him to jail. Later, the old man told the fire nation what Hura did to him. The fire nation thought he was foolish and threw him in jail. Tyro got angry and broke Hura free. The whole village was happy to see him. They got angry at the fire nation and wanted a war. Who will win the war? Read to find out!

Avatar the Last Airbender is an outstanding book. One reason why it is outstanding is because it has funny illustrations. If you saw a picture of Aang in a beard you would laugh like a heyna. Another funny picture is when Sokka ripped his pants off. The second reason why this book is outstanding is because of its cool characters. Aang can make an airball out of his hands! How cool is that? Tuf can make a rock sculpture even though she is blind! The final reason why this book is outstanding is because it has ugly creatures in it. A canyon crawler looks like a spider and a alligator combined. Another ugly creature is a capatiller which is a caterpillar and a mud snake combined. These ugly, but cool creatures make the story even more interesting. So you can see that Avatar the Last Airbender is the best book ever because of its funny illustrations, cool characters, and its ugly creatures.

I recommend this book to people who like action packed stories. One action is when Aang swings on a vine and kicks a bad guy's head. Another action is when Sokka tries to defeat Prince Zuko defeats Sokka with a fire shot. The last action is when Aang defeats Prince Zuko by an air blast. If you are ready for some action you must read this book!