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Pick of the Litter

Written by Bill Wallace

Reviewed by Anna B. (age 8)

Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter by Bill Wallace is a major hit! It was an amazing story. During Summer vacation, Tom helps his grandpa with his hunting dog business. On one of Tom's days off he went to Six Flags and fell deeply in love with a girl named Angie. They sent each other e-mails (letters online) until Tom noticed Tad, the pick of the litter. Tom started to spend his free time with Tad. They enjoyed sitting by the creek and talking. One day Tom heard about Grandpa's promise. The promise was to Jeb Owens, one of the pup's sires, could have the pick of the litter. Tom clearly knew that Jeb will choose Tad. So when Jeb comes back he slips out the words "You are looking at the pick of the litter" Will Jeb choose Tad? Or will Tom get to keep Tad? Read to find out!

This is a book that makes people feel awseome! Pick of the Litter has amazing descriptions like the words flipping and flopping to describe Tom's stomach. Another description I liked was "My eyes were tight and hot." I pictured Tom's eyes showing a deep glare when I was reading this. The text in my book caused a movie in my head to play. Movement descriptions of the characters bodies' makes you imagine that the movement is happening to your self. When I read the book in the beginning the descriptions made you feel like the text was turning into a picture. I felt like I could relate to the main character in this story. Tom always has to give things up in this story. For example Tom had to give up Tad. I gave up my dancing to my skating. The ending made me feel proud of Tom .What made me feel proud of Tom was how he made a lifetime risk. As one can see Pick of the Litter is a major hit for text causing a movie in your head, making character connections, and giving awseome descriptions.

I recommend this book to people who love dogs. When Tom met Tad a rare blue eyed pointer I immediately fell in love with Tad. I just fell like I've never seen a dog. I also recommend this book because it has a great logo. The logo is "Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the hardest of all." You will think this book is a major dog hit, so don't just sit there go get Pick of the Litter an stop watching TV! You won't regret it!