The Adventures of The Bailey School Kids The Bride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey
Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Moriah K. (age 8)


The Bride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake cookies was a suspensful book. By Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones. Frank was sad because he made tiny cookies and wouldn't make enough money. Dr.Victor came in, and he is the one who create Frank. They talked and Frank's head was down. Tears were pouring down his face. They went to the ice rink the next day. While they were walking. Eddie said," I'm so hungry I could eat five dozen cookies!" Liza said," You can't eat that much cookies." Then they made a bet. When they got there they saw a long line that never got shorter. The line was going to the snack bar. When they got to the counter they saw Electra. Then all four kids went to Burger Doodle Restaurart. They stopped when they saw Electra and a man. After they went to the movies. They saw Electra and the man again. The next day Eddie told everyone on the line the cookies were bad for them so he could get the cookies first. Then he got his cookies and Electra's smile faded. Frank and Electra were having a great time that the cookies got burned. The snack bar was closed because of fighting. They heard Frank said "I burned the cookies." The kids found out the man was a guy who sold cookies. Will the kids save Electra's dream? Find out and read.

I enjoyed reading this book for several reasons. It had awesome pictures that allowed me to see what was going to happen next. Also, it showed me what they doing. The book also had scary events. One part was when the kids went to a scary looking house. Another part was when a guy with red hair and with fangs showed up. It also has good describing words. The author wrote "a huge streak of lighting in the distance," and "thunder boomed so loudly the widows rattled and the ground shook." As you can see The Bride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies is a must read book for its awesome pictures, scary events, and good describing words.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about scary events, and those who want to see a fake mad scientist in a book. This story will really spook you! Read, The Bride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies.

Moriah K. is a student in Mrs. Zanga's 3rd Grade Class