1 I Love Colors

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I Love Colors

Written by Hans Welhelm

Reviewed by Wesley S. (age 6)

I Love Colors

We picked this book because we like the dog on the book cover.

The book is all about colors. The dog paints with his feet. The dog paints with his tail. He mixes all the colors. Red mixed with yellow makes orange. He mixes blue and red and makes purple. He has paint all over his body. He becomes a Rainbow dog. At the end, he jumps into the baby's pool and all the paint comes off.

We like the book so much. It is cool because it is so colorful. We like the first page the best because it has the smiling dog and all the paint colors. We liked the page when the dog said oops! It was so funny because he fell down in the paint. He was not careful. He was not paying attention.

We think it is a good book for big and little kids because it has little words and great pictures.