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Honus And Me

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Andrew C. (age 8)

Honus And Me

Do you know what the most valuable baseball card is? If you guessed the Honus Wagner baseball card, you're right! In the book, Honus & Me by Dan Gutman there is an amazing baseball player named Honus Wagner and a boy named Joe, who is a bad baseball player, but knows lots of things about a baseball. One day when Joe was cleaning up Amanda Young's garage, he found a Honus Wagner baseball card. He knew it was worth a lot of money. Joe took the card back to his house. When he touched the baseball card he felt a tingling feeling. Suddenly, Honus Wagner came into his house! Honus taught Joe how to play baseball well. Then, he told Joe that he needed to go back to 1909 so he wouldn't miss the World Series. They both went in time by touching the Honus Wagner card. Honus disguised Joe as his brother, Butts Wagner. Soon, Honus was playing in the 1909 World Series. In the middle of the game, Honus got hurt and he switched outfits with Joe. Joe was Honus Wagner's replacement for a short time. When Joe was done fielding, Honus said that no one could take his place while batting. So they exchange outfits again. In the end, Joe helped Honus's team win the World Series! After the game, Joe found a picture that had only half of a woman on it. Honus told him that she was his old girlfriend, Amanda Young. Joe said that he knew her so Honus gave Joe the half picture. He told Honus that he needed to go back to where he was from. When he got back home, he found out Miss Young had the other half of the photo. He thought that he should give the card back to Amanda Young, but he also knew that the baseball card was worth a lot of money. Will Joe ever give the baseball card back to Amanda Young? Read to find out!

You have to read Honus & Me by Dan Gutman. I like this book because it was funny. This book is hilarious because Honus's brother is named Butts Wagner. His name cracked me up. Another funny part is when Joe thinks that Honus has a big nose and ear. The second reason I like this book is because of its amazing pictures. The photographs are real photographs from the past. The story combines facts with fiction. The last reason I like this book is because of its surprising events. I never thought that Joe could go back in time by touching the Honus Wagner baseball card! It is also interesting because I never thought that a 12 year old boy can help win the World Series! As you can see, you must read Honus & Me by Dan Gutman because it is funny, the photograph show real people from the past, and it gives you surprising events!

I recommend this book to people who like interesting books because Joe found a baseball card that is worth 1 million dollars! Another reason this book is entertaining is because the baseball card brings him back to 1909. The last reason this book is entertaining is because whenever Joe touches the baseball card he feels a tingling sensation. You must read Honus & Me by Dan Gutman!