1 Bridge to Terabithia

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Bridge to Terabithia

Written by Katherine Paterson

Illustrated by Donna Diamond

Reviewed by Nivetha K. (age 9)

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a must read book! Katherine Paterson wrote this amazing story. A boy named Jess lived in a house with his parents and four sisters. One day a girl named Leslie moved into a house that was pretty close to Jess's house. Jess and Leslie soon became very good friends. Leslie thought that she and Jess should have a secret "country" in the woods, and they should be the rulers of it. They named this country Terabithia. Then, one day, Leslie tried to cross a swift creek to get to Terabithia, alone. She bumped her head and fell into the roaring creek! Quickly, the creek swallowed her body! There she died, leaving Jess without a good friend and Terabithia with no queen. Jess knew he couldn't rule Terabithia alone. Will Jess abandon Terabithia, or will he be able to find a new queen? Read Bridge to Terabithia to find out!

Bridge to Terabithia is one of the best books you'll ever read! One reason why this book is amazing is because it is full of suspenseful events. Once, Jess had to swing on a rope that was above a swift, eight-foot wide creek to get to Terabithia! Another time, May Belle, Jess's younger sister, was stuck in the middle of a tree that had fallen over a creek! A second reason is that the author used super details, and you'll really be able to picture what's happening. "He was drifting, drifting like a fat, lazy, white cloud back and forth across the blue." is one of the super descriptions in this book. Another description is, "here where the dogwood and redbud played hide and seek between the oaks and evergreens, and the sun flung itself in golden streams through the trees to splash warmly at their feet." The last reason is that the story had a surprising ending. Leslie drowned in the creek when she tried to get to Terabithia! After Leslie died her parents decided to move back to Pennsylvania. So you can see Bridge to Terabithia is a wonderful book because it has suspenseful events, super details, and a surprising ending!

I recommend this book to people who like to connect their own lives to books. Jess lost a friend, Leslie, and was very sad and upset. Has that ever happened to you? If so you must read this story. Stop watching T.V. and read Bridge to Terabithia!