1 Goosebumps: Vampire Breath

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Goosebumps: Vampire Breath

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Ethan K. (age 9)

Goosebumps: Vampire Breath

Vampire Breath by R.L.Stine is about how Cara and Freddy get stuck in a castle and try to escape. In the beginning, Cara and Freddy break an antique cabinet. Behind the cabinet there is a tunnel that leads to a small room. In the room Freddy and Cara see a coffin. At first, they didn't see anything in the coffin but after a closer look they saw a bottle of vampire breath. They opened the bottle of vampire breath and saw a vampire. By accident the vampire takes Cara and Freddy back to his castle. At the castle, the vampire couldn't find his other bottle of vampire breath. The vampire, Freddy, and Cara try to find it. Freddy and Cara are looking for it so they can go back home. The vampire, Countnightwing, is looking for the vampire breath so he can turn Freddy and Cara into vampires. I really think you should read this book because it is funny. Who will find the vampire breath first? Read to find out who finds it.

Vampire Breath is the best book in the whole entire world. The first reason it is the best is because the author gave excellent descriptions when he described the vampire and Tyler. He said the vampire had a "dark black shirt with a bright red cape." He also said, "Tyler's eyes were bulging out and he felt sick." Another reason is there was a lot of action. In one part Freddy, Cara, and the vampire were in the tunnel and they started to fight. Another time there was action was when the vampire and another vampire fought in the castle. The last reason is it reminds me of things from my life. When they were in the tunnel it reminded me of my crawl space because it is all dark in there. When they were in the castle it reminded me of my grandma's house because it feels dark and spooky. In summary, Vampire Breath is the best book because of its excellent descriptions, its action packed, and it can remind you of things.

You will want to read this book because of its extraordinary events. First, Cara and Freddy go into a tunnel and think it never ends. Next, when Cara and Freddy found a coffin there was an old man in it which is a vampire, but they don't know that. Lastly, when Cara and Freddy were in the castle and try to get out but they couldn't. I truly recommend this to people who adore extraordinary events.