1 The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Written by Howard Pyle

Reviewed by Michael S. (age 8)

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

I just finished reading a fantastic book called, The Adventures of Robin Hood written by Howard Pyle. Robin Hood lived in England during the time of King Henry the Second. He was a famous outlaw who lived in Sherwood Forest near the town of Nottingham with his band of merry men. Robin was famous because he was brave, good hearted and fought injustice. Robin and his men took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to catch Robin and bring him to justice because Robin killed one of his relatives. He also wanted him because Robin always got on his nerves. The Sheriff announced an archery contest for a few reasons. One, he knew that Robin was the best archer in the whole country. Two, he knew that Robin would never give away an opportunity like this. Robin puts on a disguise as a beggar and goes to the contest to collect the prize. A while after the contest, the Sheriff received a letter from Robin saying," Now heaven bless thy grace this day, Say all is sweet in Sherwood, For thou didst give the prize away to merry Robin Hood." Will the Sheriff of Nottingham ever catch Robin? You will have to read this book to find out!

The book The Adventures of Robin Hood really knocked my socks off! One reason I enjoyed this book was because I enjoyed looking at the wonderful illustrations. The picture of Robin climbing a tree with three coyotes under him looked funny to me because Robin looked like a frightened cat. Also, I liked the picture when the friar was carrying Robin on his back because the friar had a really hysterical facial expression on his face. Another reason I enjoyed this book was because it had surprising events. Robin and his band of 140 men defeat thousands of the king's soldiers. I thought it would be impossible. The last reason is that this book is entertaining. Robin shows off his superior skills in an archery contest and earns tons of money by just putting on a disguise as a beggar. In summary, The Adventures of Robin Hood is a fascinating book because it has wonderful illustrations, surprising events, and amazing events.

I recommend this book to any one who is interested in reading action packed books. You should read this book because it's fully packed with adventure on every page, and it keeps you reading. After I finished reading this book I felt exaughsted you won't regret reading this book.