1 The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

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The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

Written by Franklin Dixon

Illustrated by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Jacob W. (age 9)

The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

The Tower Treasure by Franklin Dixon is a very good book because it leaves you hanging in suspence. In the beggining of the story the Hardy boy's friend lost his car. They looked all over for the car. Finally, they found the car. It was hidden in the woods. Later in the story they got mixed up in another case. The jewels in Tower Mansion were stolen and Mr. Applegate was very mad because it was his house .After, Fenton Hardy went to New York City, to look for the thief. He was successful while he was there. Unfortunately, the thief got in an accident on the train. Fenton was able to ask him a question before he died. So Fenton Hardy asked Red Jackley the thief, "Where did you hide the jewels?" Red Jackley replied "In the old tower." Fenton Hardy went back home and straight to Tower Mansion to search for the jewels. Fenton Hardy couldn't find the jewels in the tower. Will he ever find them? Or was Red Jackley lying about where he hid the jewels? Read The Tower Treasure to find out!

The Tower Treasure is like no other book I've read before! This book has strange settings. Frank and Joe went in the woods. The woods were dark, and they would not end. Also, they went into a tower. The tower was very high and it had tons of stairs that kept going on and on. It also had lots of cobwebs. The Tower Treasure had interesting characters. Red Jackley is interesting because he actually told Frank, Joe, and Fenton Hardy where he hid the jewels and he is a thief! Fenton Hardy is interesting because he is always looking for clues. For example, when he found the wig that said, "made in New York" he went all the way to New York to find more clues about the thief. The story also had mysterious events. Frank and Joe try to find a car in the woods, and usually you don't find cars in the woods. Also, Frank and Joe were searching for the jewels in a tower and Mr. Applegate made them leave because he thought the jewels wouldn't be in the tower. As you can see, The Tower Treasure is a fascinating book because it has strange settings, interesting characters, and mysterious events!

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries. You won't be able to put this book down because you will need to know how they solved the problem. Also, this book will hang you in suspense, and it will make you want to keep turning to the next page. If you like mysteries go out and read The Tower Treasure!