1 Welcome to Dead House

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Welcome to Dead House

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Steven B. (age 8)

Welcome to Dead House

Welcome To Dead House, by R.L. Stine, was so frightening; I nearly jumped right out of my own skin! In the beginning, Josh, Amanda, and the rest of the family including their dog Petey, moved to a new neighborhood called Dark Falls. They moved because their old house was way too small. A few weeks after they moved, Josh and Amanda met a new and strange friend named Ray. Ray said that he once lived in their house. Then, Ray took Josh and Amanda to the playground behind the elementary school. There, they met more kids who all said they lived in their house. Little did Josh and Amanda know that they were all dead and were spirits. Strange things started to happen in the house. People appeared and vanished! Also, window curtains swayed, but the windows weren't open. The spirits sadly killed their dog, Petey, and are trying to kill Josh, Amanda, and their parents. Josh and Amanda will have to figure out a way to try to save their parents. Will Josh and Amanda save their parents from the evil spirits? Read this thrilling book to find out!

You have to read this scary book Welcome To Dead House! It will just kill you with fear! One reason why you have to read Welcome To Dead House is because it was super scary! It was scary when the spirits killed their dog, Petey! When the spirits nearly killed Josh and Amanda, it was truly nail biting! Another reason why you have to read this book is because it was thrilling. It was absoulty thrilling when Josh and Amanda crept toward the graveyard. Another thrilling part of the book is when all the spirits surrounded Josh and Amanda in their house! My last reason why you should read this book is because it was astonishing. I was astonished when Ray told Josh and Amanda he lived in their house, but he is really dead! It was also astonishing when the spiritual children at the playground said they lived in their house, too! As one can see, Welcome To Dead House is truly an adventurous book because it is super scary, thrilling and astonishing!

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading scary and exciting books. Can you imagine being friends with a spirit? Or battling against him? Well, this book would be right up your alley! Read Welcome To Dead House because you won't regret reading it!