1 The Green Book

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The Green Book

Written by Jill Paton Walsh

Reviewed by Joey F. (age 9)

The Green Book

Have you ever been to another planet? Well, in this story a girl named Pattie and her family went to another planet. They traveled by spaceship. Pattie's father said, "You can bring one book only." She did. Pattie's book wasn't exactly a book, but similar to one. She brought a green book. The green book is a diary that Pattie writes about what happens to her and her family on the planet Shine. Will they survive on the planet Shine? Would YOU like to go to another planet?

The green book is very special and I'll give you a hint. In the green book, Pattie writes about how they survive. I thought The Green Book was interesting if you have ever imagined going to another planet. Well, now I have experiences about going to another planet! As I was reading the book, I wondered if Pattie's family would ever survive on the planet Shine. Will they ever get home? Read The Green Book if you want to find out what happens to them.

If you like science fiction, I recommend you read this book but if you don't like science fiction, pretend it's a fictional book!