1 Matilda

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Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Christopher S. (age 9)


This book is about a very intelligent girl named Matilda. She is a very smart, clever, girl with really rotten parents. When her parents get angry at her for no reason, she gets revenge, and plays dirty tricks on them.

When Matilda is five years old, she goes to a school with a mean principal. The mean principal criticizes everybody in the school especially little children. Other kids are too scared to do something about the principal but Matilda speaks for them. Can Matilda prevent any more harm from the principal? See if Matilda is a match for the principal! Read the book and find out!

I thought the story was funny and interesting! Especially when Matilda gets revenge and does tricks on her parents. I thought the family would know that Matilda did it but the characters and her family don't know that "little Matilda" did it. I couldn't believe that Matilda was risking such trouble. But of course, trouble doesn't bother her. I think that Matilda is a bit like me because I always want revenge except I'm unable to. I made connections between the story and real life because Matilda has the same feelings as me, like a kid, but speaks up for everyone, like what happened with women's rights. Other kids should read this book because it tells you what Matilda is like and about many things in life.

I recommend this book for kids 8 years old and up because there are some weird things that happen occasionally. The book will tell you if Matilda is a match for the mean principal.