1 The Hostile Hospital

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The Hostile Hospital

Written by Lemony Snicket

Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Carol A. (age 8)

The Hostile Hospital

This book is about three orphaned children who are being chased by the police. Their names are Violet, Klaus and Sunny. In this book the children go to an unfinished hospital with the "Volunteer Fighting Disease". Klaus and Sunny lose Violet in the Library of Records. They have to stay an unfinished room while they wait for Violet. Will she return or will she die? Find out in this amazing book.

I think this book is exciting because two children try to save their big sister. My favorite part is when the library of record cabinets fall down. This book is unique because it's miserable. I felt wonderful when I read this book because it makes me feel how lucky my life is.

I recommend this book for 3rd - 6th grade because of the hard words. If you like exciting books you'll love this book because of the amazing characters.