1 How I Survived Middle School

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How I Survived Middle School

Written by Nancy Krulik

Reviewed by Angelina M. (age 8)

How I Survived Middle School

This book is about a girl named Jenny who is in sixth grade and does not know what club to sign up for after school. Her friends are trying to convince her to sign up for sixth grade president so that her ex friend named Addie Wilson (who is the most popular kid in school who also wants to become president) will not rule the school. After she finally signs up, she is not so sure about winning. Will Jenny win or will Addie and her group of "pops" win?

All I am going to say is: "Vote for Jenny she's a penny!"

I liked this book because it's kind of mysterious when they think Josh is a spy. My favorite part is when Jenny and her friends bake sugar cookies because it shows you the recipe. Jenny reminds me of two of my friends because they're never so sure when they're doing something. My other favorite part is the quizzes that Jenny takes because you can take them too.

I recommend this book for 3rd grade till 5th grade girls because it's fun, interesting and it tells the fifth graders what middle school might be like.