1 Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reviewed by Daley W. (age 12)

Lord of the Rings

Do you have problems with slipping into worlds when you aren't paying attention in class? Do you need a world to slip into--an interesting, mysterious, adventurous one? Then you would love the huge world of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings! I will tell you about the first adventure of Frodo and the Fellowship in the first of The Lord of the Rings. The book is called The Fellowship of the Ring. In The Fellowship of the Ring, a small, tiny creature, called a hobbit is bestowed with a ring--no ordinary ring--a Ring of Power. His close friend and wizard, Gandalf, tells him that he must leave all his life behind to risk his life to destroy the "One Ring to rule them all, the One Ring to find them, the One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." at once. That is an example of J.R.R Tolkien's writing. He writes poems throughout his book. His regular, not poetic writing is descriptive. He does write sort-of old-fashioned, but after all it was published in 1954! Anyway, the Hobbit will have to travel far and wide through a world that he and you have never seen, in order to get rid of this burden. He and you will get lost in the world; but - thankfully - the author has drawn a map of Middle Earth in the book that will help Frodo and you. It is very well drawn and accurate. Since J.R.R Tolkien draws it, it follows the book perfectly. The One Ring will slowly grab hold of the little creature, and he might not be able to part with it. No matter how small you are you can do anything. That is what the small, tiny hobbit has to keep in mind. What will he do? You will have to read the book. But don't fret, the story is very intriguing, and the first of its kind. It's safe to say that the storyline keeps you awake, and turning the pages.

My all-time favorite characters are from this book; hopefully you will like them, too. The characters are clueless Hobbits, perfect Elves, normal Men, and funny Dwarves. But the enemies, Orcs (horrible, ugly, merciless, creatures) are my least favorite characters in the world! Then again they are supposed to be. I love this book because I often make up worlds and fantasy characters to go in them, and when I read the Fellowship of the Ring I realized that J.R.R Tolkien was just like me, except he wrote his ideas down and made lots of money! I suggest this book if you like Inkspell, Dragon Rider, the Harry Potter series, and Eragon. All these books are similar to the Lord of the Rings, but only if you are 10 or older; the book has some big words. Also if you are a true lover of fantasy, or a true lover of war books, or a true lover of realistic-life experiences, or even a person who really doesn't know what he likes, you would love this book! Nonetheless, you most definitely need to read this book sometime. It's a remarkable book. I, for one, will never forget this tragic story.