1 Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Movie

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Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Movie

Written by Della Rowland

Illustrated by Sam Viviano

Reviewed by Eric L. (age 9)

Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Movie

Today I will tell you about a mystery story. It is called The Case of the Missing Movie. This is one of the mysteries in the Clue Jr. book. A group of kids called the Clue Club solve mysteries. Someone stole some videos from Goodview Video Store the very same night that the movie club was meeting there. The six kids in the clue club are Wendy White, Mortimer Mustard, Samantha Scarlet, Polly Peacock, Peter Plum and Georgie Green. They are in middle school. They all look for who stole the videos. Georgie finds them. I will not tell you who did it but if you want to find out, read this book.

This book is like other mystery books I have read before. I liked reading this book because it made me want to be a detective and solve problems. All of the mysteries in this book are short. After the mystery, the solution is given. The solution is upside down so you won't be able to read it until you are ready.

This book is based on the game Clue, so if you like that game, you might like these mysteries. There are other Clue Jr. books too, if you like this one.