1 Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

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Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Greg Swearingen

Reviewed by Finn R. (age 7)

Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

Maximum Boy Super Hero-Super Thief starts out with everything frozen. There was even a guy picking his nose frozen. Then Maximum Boy went to go find the case. The people thought that Maximum Boy was the bad guy and he went to jail. But he dug out of jail. There were two bad guys named Wolfgang and Ethelred, they wanted to steal all the most valuable treasures in the world. Read the book to find out if Max catches them.

I think the book was interesting because it was funny when the boy was frozen picking his nose. I liked it because there were superheroes in it. I liked when Max went to jail, it was funny when he had to drill through the sewer. I think it took place in the present because it has cars. I liked Max because he can fly. Max is like me because he has glasses. There are illustrations in this book, but they look funny to me because Max has a silly mask. This book is like other books with superheroes in it. Max is a lot like Batman. It is a special book because it has Max and he is a superhero. This book is similar to the rest of the books in the Maximum Boy series. When I read the book I wondered if Max would get the bad guys.

I recommend this book to second grade and up. I think boys will like it more than girls because it is a super hero book and it has no girl super heroes. I recommend this book to people who have read the other Maximum Boy books.