1 Mrs. Cooney is Looney

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Mrs. Cooney is Looney

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by N.R. (age 8)

Mrs. Cooney is Looney

Mrs. Cooney is Loony is a hilarious story! A.J. and his friends go to school one day and A.J pretends to be sick so he can go to the nurse and miss some class work. After going to the nurse's office a few times, he realizes she is silly. He tells his friends all about the nurse. He tells them, he thinks she is a spy. Then his friends want to see for themselves. They go to the nurse. They all agree that Mrs. Cooney, the nurse, is a spy. They decide to spy on her. While spying A.J. falls, breaks his arm, and gets caught. To find out if Mrs. Cooney is a spy, you'll have to read the book.

I enjoyed reading this book. Mrs. Cooney is hilarious! Mrs. Cooney is very silly because she made A.J. and his friends be clowns and do other crazy stuff like balance a ball on their nose, while walking across a balance beam. The book is interesting because there was action and mystery. The illustrations helped because they showed how and what they did. The story knocked my socks off!

I recommend this book to children who enjoy exploring and laughing out loud. Also, people that like spying, solving mysteries, and sneaky people. But if you don't like spying don't read it. This book will make you laugh so hard, you'll cry!