1 Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

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Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

Written by Barthe DeClements

Reviewed by Madison G. (age 11)

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

This book is about a girl name Jennifer, and she is really nice. She has two friends named Sharon, and Dianne. There is a new girl that comes and her name is Elsie. Elsie is really fat. Everybody teases her. Elsie is supposed to be on a diet. She always takes people's money. At recess she always eats stuff. One day she got in trouble. She can't go out for recess anymore. Jennifer starts to get bad grades in math class. She discussed it with her mom. Then Jennifer suggests that Elsie helps her. Her mom said she would give her money for every day she comes to tutor. Elsie knows a lot about math. Elsie agrees to help tutor Jennifer. Jennifer didn't tell her friends that Elsie was coming over to tutor. Elsie's diet starts working, and her clothes start getting baggy on her. One night Dianne has a slumber party.She invites Elsie, Sharon, and Jennifer. When Elsie goes over, Dianne's mother saw that her pants were baggy so she sews them. They all become really good friends. At the end, they hitchhike to the mall. A person picks them up, but that person take them far away out of the town. Do they get away from that person? Read the book to find out how it ends.

This is one of the best books I've ever read because it made me feel good when I read it. This reminds me of my life because this happened to all of my friends. This book is really special to me because it taught me about looks. Elsie was fat, but she was really nice. Those girls started to like her for who she was not for how she looks. My favorite part was when they got their report cards, and Elsie got to stay at that school.

I recommend this book to girls in the 5th grade. I recommend this book because it is really good.