1 My Brother Sam is Dead

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My Brother Sam is Dead

Written by James and Lincoln Collier

Reviewed by Geraldo F. (age 11)

My Brother Sam is Dead

Tim and Sam Meeker are brothers. Tim is the younger of the two. Tim's family lived in Redding. Most of the people that lived in Redding were Tories. Tim always wanted to be like Sam all his life because Sam is in the army. Tim would admire him, but made sure Sam wouldn't know. Tim wants to be in the army like Sam, but Tim is too young. Tim and his family didn't like the British. While Sam was gone in the army Tim had a lot of chores to do. Sam didn't come often, because every time Sam would come home to visit he and father would always argue. Tim and Sam's father died on a jail ship, and so Tim had to do both his father's and his own chores at home. Sam came home one time and saw some guys trying to steal their cattle. He went out to stop them, and he got arrested for it. Read the book to find out what happens to Sam.

I think the book was kind of good. I liked it because it told about how it was back then during the Revolutionary War. My favorite part was when Ted got his head slashed off by a British. This was my favorite part because there was a lot of blood. My favorite characters were Sam and Timothy. I liked Sam, because he is in the army and is killing the British. He is probably training like he never trained before. Tim is at his house doing his chores like always. I think Tim changed a lot during the book. He had to grow up fast because his father and his brother both died and he had to help out his mother.

I recommend this book because it talks about the army and how it was back then. I think my cousin's dad would like it because he is in the army.