1 Arthur's Underwear

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Arthur's Underwear

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Rosina T. (age 9)

Arthur's Underwear

Arthur's Underwear is a funny book. On the first page, Arthur's friend Binky bends over and rips his pants. His friends start laughing at him, except the teacher Mr. Ratburn. The teacher gasped when Binky ripped his pants. He tore his pants at school and started to run. Arthur was scared after that. He worried a lot that his pants would rip. Then Arthur ripped his pants.

I liked this book because it is funny when Arthur's pants rip. I liked this book because it made me laugh and it will make other kids laugh. I like the kids in Arthur's land.

I think people in Kentucky and Pennsylvania and everywhere would like this book because it is very funny for me. How about you?