1 Horrible Harry and the Drop of Doom

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Horrible Harry and the Drop of Doom

Written by Suzy Kline

Illustrated by Frank remkiewicz

Reviewed by Alexa W. (age 9)

Horrible Harry and the Drop of Doom

Harry and his friends are having a party at an amusement park. Harry is afraid of elevators and the kids wanted him to go on the elevator ride. It's scary. The kids made him ride on the elevator. Then when he went on the elevator he realized that he wasn't scared at all. I think he will go on it again. Read the story to find out why Harry was afraid of elevators.

My favorite character is Harry because he is funny. Harry is nice to his friends. Harry is funny because he is afraid of the E word, and the E word is elevator.

I think that the illustrations show a lot of detail. They helped me picture the words.

The story reminds me of the time I went on a rollercoaster and I thought that it was scary and fast. It was at a park.

I recommend this book because it is funny and it is a little scary too. It is an adventure with lots of things happening.

I recommend this book to kids in second to fifth grade, especially if they like really fast elevators.