1 The Star Cloak

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The Star Cloak

Written by Emily Rodda

Illustrated by Raoul Vitale

Reviewed by Cilla (age 8)

The Star Cloak

This is a book about a girl named Jessie. She found out that her Grandmother was a true Queen of the Realm and that her name was Jessica. In the Realm, Jessie's friends are Giff the elf, Maybelle the bossy horse, Patrice the palace housekeeper, and Queen Helena who rules the Realm.

The story takes place in the Realm and at Star Dust Island. The Realm is a magical place where elves, pixies, water sprites, queens, kings, little horses, and fairies of different types live and make magic. Star Dust Island is a magical island. As soon as you get there, you can feel the magic in the air. Only fairies live there. They make star cloaks, which are made from real stars.

The problem is that Giff the elf ripped the star cloak and wishing night was the next night. Wishing night is a night when all the people from the Realm go to the palace. The first star they see, they can wish on and the wish will come true. But the star cloak is the only thing that can make the wishes come true. Will Jessie go to Star Dust Island to get the cloak fixed and be back in time for wishing night?

In this book, my favorite character is Jessie because she is brave and has an amazing imagination. Jessie is smart because she saved the Realm ten times. She's intelligent, respectful, and caring. Jessie never breaks her promises to people and helps them if they're lost. She looks a lot like her grandmother when she was little.

My favorite part was when she went to Star Dust Island because the cloak was torn and Giff the elf got lost on the Island. Jessie got to see how star cloaks are made.

When I read this book I felt excited and happy. Everybody was happy and nothing was wrong in the book. I sometimes felt scared because the book is a mystery and it is sometimes scary. In the end, it is always happy.

I think you should read this book because it is magical. The author adds a lot of details and there is a friendship in it. The author makes it a mystery. I loved the book because when you read it, it feels like you are in it with the characters.

I recommend this book to second graders and up. They will love the book if they like fantasies.