1 Buttermilk

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Written by Stephen Cosgrove

Illustrated by Robin James

Reviewed by Haylie (age 8)


The story I'm reviewing is about a bunny named Buttermilk who sees things in the night and they're not real. The lesson in this book is when you see things in the dark, they may seem scary but they're not really there.

Buttermilk sees things in the night. For example, she thinks she saw a bear, a dragon, and a banshee, but they really weren't those things. She thought she saw these things when she was running through the woods. Then, she got home, ran straight to her room, and hid under the blankets. Then, her father came in to talk to her.

My favorite character is Buttermilk, because the story is about her. Buttermilk is exciting, active, funny, and cute. I also like her because she is a cute bunny, which is my favorite animal. I also like her because her name makes me thirsty and hungry.

This book is like the book Squeakers because at least one part is scary in both books. The two books are in a series of books. Both books are about animals and are by the same author and illustrator. Squeakers is a squirrel who needs to learn to say "no".

As I read the book Buttermilk, I felt mixed feelings, because some parts are scary and some parts are exciting. An exciting example was when she ran straight to her room. A scary example was when she was running through the woods thinking she saw those things.

I recommend this book to first to fourth graders who like to read about animals.