1 Arthur's First Sleepover

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Arthur's First Sleepover

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Brett L. (age 7) & Anthony M. (age 7)

Arthur's First Sleepover

Arthur has a sleepover with Buster and Brian at his house. Arthur?s dad read the newspaper it said that someone saw an alien. Arthur and D.W. made signs for the aliens. At the sleepover, they had a lot of food to eat. They also had a pillow fight. Arthur, Buster, and Brian played Go Fish in the tent. D.W. thought she saw an alien, but it was really a fake one that Buster, Brian, and Arthur put in her window. They went back to the tent and pretended to be asleep. After the parents went back into the house, Buster, Brian, and Arthur had a party in the tent.

Our favorite part of the story is when Arthur has a party because they make a big mess. Our favorite character is Arthur because he is a funny main character. This book relates to our lives because we have been to sleepovers and stay up late like the characters in the story do. This book has pictures that help you understand the story. Our favorite picture is when D.W. thought she saw an alien outside of her window.

We think that other kids should read this book because it is fun to read. It also gives you some ideas about what to do when you have your friends sleep over at your house.