1 Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by Harry Alllard

Reviewed by MasonH&PeytonH (age 6)

Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

We picked this book called "Miss Nelson Has a Field Day," and we are going to tell you about it. First it is about a lady named Viola Swamp, a mean substitute teacher who helps coach a lousy football team called the Tornados. She helps out Coach Armstrong and she always make the kids do more of what they actually do like run faster, work harder and do leg raises.

We think the best part about the book is that the pictures are really well drawn and you can see how scary Viola Swamp is. We really liked this book and we like all Miss Nelson books, because they are all funny and all the kids are scared of "the Swamp". Miss Nelson is a real nice teacher who goes away a lot and Viola Swamp is her substitute. You'll never guess who Viola Swamp really is until you read this book!

We recommend This book to all kindergarten students and all our friends. If you like funny books about sports you will like this book!