1 The Green Tailed Mouse

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The Green Tailed Mouse

Written by Leo Lionni

Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Tyler & John (age 7)

The Green Tailed Mouse

This book is about mice who forget they are mice. They put on masks, and then they don't recognize themselves! It takes place during the celebration of Fat Tuesday, so everyone is having a party and wearing masks. Finally, they realize that they are looking at the masks, not their real faces.

We liked when they burned the mask. We thought it was funny when the mice were afraid of themselves. This story reminds us of Halloween. The best character is the green tailed mouse, because he is silly looking.

We recommend this book to first graders, because it would be too hard for kindergarteners to read. If you like mice, you will like this story, even though the mice forget they ARE mice!