1 A Pocket Full of Kisses

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A Pocket Full of Kisses

Written by Audrey Penn

Illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson

Reviewed by Ian (age 9)

A Pocket Full of Kisses

A Pocket Full of Kisses is a book by Audrey Penn. This book takes place in a big forest. The characters are Chester and Mrs. Coon. They are raccoons.

The problem is his little brother raccoon. Chester liked him at first. But Chester did not like it when the little raccoon was playing with his toys, swinging on his swing, reading his books, pulling his tail, and talking to his friends. Also his mother kisses his little brother's hand. Chester felt sad because his mom kissed his brother's hand and not his hand.

When I read this book, it reminded me of The Kissing Hand because they are similar books. They both have the same characters, Chester, Mrs. Raccoon, and Chester's brother.

In this book, my favorite character is Chester because he is funny and weird. Chester was funny because he was saying funny things, like "I can't catch frogs, Mom." Chester is weird because he says, "that's my kissing hand" in a weird voice.

This story reminded me of when my mom, my dad, and I helped three baby raccoons find their mom. The book reminded me of that time because the raccoons in the book and the ones that we helped looked alike.

I recommend this book to second to sixth graders because it is funny. People who like books about animals would like this book.