1 Cross-Country Cat

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Cross-Country Cat

Written by Mary Calhoun

Illustrated by Erick Ingraham

Reviewed by Travis (age 9)

Cross-Country Cat

Cross-Country Cat is a book by Mary Calhoun. The characters are Henry the Cat and a family. They were in a log cabin for the weekend.

Then, Sunday afternoon, before they were going home, a boy in the family made Henry skis and poles. Then Henry remembered his mouse. When he came back out, they were gone.

Then, Henry grabbed his skis and poles and went on his way. He went over hills, through valleys, and over frozen streams and brooks. When he entered the woods, he saw something - a coyote!

The coyote chased Henry into a field. The snow was deep. The coyote stopped. It was dark. Henry slipped into the road. There was a car coming! Read the book to find out what happens to Henry.

Cross-Country Cat reminds me of my cat, Spazz. When Spazz would run, his front paws would go off the ground a little. Then he would move his head when he heard music.

My favorite character is Henry. He doesn't think a lot. He just goes and does something. Henry does not like to be left behind, so he takes matters into his own hands.

My favorite part is in the woods where Henry meets a coyote. It was very dramatic! When he was in the woods being chased by a coyote in the book, he looked like he was going to hit a tree.

I recommend this book to kids of any age. Kids who like adventures that are about animals and people will like this book.