1 The Little Red Hen

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The Little Red Hen

Written by Byron Barton

Illustrated by Byron Barton

Reviewed by Rae & Savannah (age 7)

The Little Red Hen

This book is about a hen and a lazy cat, dog, and mouse. While the cat was sleeping on the couch, the dog was sleeping on the back porch and the mouse was sleeping in a warm chair by the fireside. The hen was doing all the chores. One day the hen was baking a cake and she asked he dog, mouse, and cat if they could help her with the cake. They would not help. When the cake was finished the dog, cat, and mouse wanted to eat it but were not allowed because they didn't help. From that day on, when there was work to be done, the dog, cat, and mouse always helped.

We liked the illustrations. Also, we liked when every time the hen asked the dog, mouse and cat if they could help her with the cake they always said "not I". We loved when the dog, cat, and mouse were dreaming about something they like. We liked at the end of the story when the dog, cat, and mouse were doing chores. Our favorite part was when the hen ate the crumb of cake off the chair.

We recommend this book to first and second graders because the words are hard for kindergarteners but easy for third graders.