1 Shrek

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Written by William Steig

Illustrated by Steig, William

Reviewed by Tyler & Kaden (age 7)


This book is about an ugly green ogre that goes on an adventure to save an ugly princess. Also, Shrek meets a witch, a peasant, and a donkey. In the end, Shrek finds a princess, but will Shrek marry the princess and get through the knight?

I liked it when Shrek called Donkey "a jabbering donkey". Also, I liked when Shrek ate the lightning. Next, it was funny when Shrek was crying from a bad dream. Then, it was gross when Shrek and the ugly princess kissed each other. Last, I think people will like the part when Shrek slays the dragon.

I recommend this book to kids that like adventure stories. It is a funny book. I think people who like to watch the Shrek movies would like this book, because it is almost like the movie but has some different details.