1 Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

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Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Z.B. (age 9)

Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

Are you ready to have a blast? Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal is funny. I met A.J. in this story. He explains how weird Mrs. Kormal is. She has her own language. "Inglenook" means hello. Mrs. Kormal is a school bus driver. On the way to school the tire falls off. Mrs. Kormal and the children put it back on, but it rolls back off again. Read this book to read more about Mrs. Kormel's insane actions.

I enjoyed reading this book because it was funny. Hilarious things kept happening to the bus. The story made me laugh so hard that I couldn't stop. I like the illustrations in the book because they showed me things that I shouldn't do when I'm in school like a messy food fight. The book was just right for me because the words are easy. It was a really great book.

I recommend this book to kids who like hysterical stories. Stop playing video games, and get this book!