1 Ms. Hannah is Bananas

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Ms. Hannah is Bananas

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by T.C. (age 9)

Ms. Hannah is Bananas

The book, Ms. Hannah is Bananas, is about a class that got a new art teacher, Ms. Hannah. She sewed potholders together to make a new, beautiful dress. When the art teacher took the class on a field trip, A.J. thought that it was so boring and tiring. A.J. took a rest and sat on some cans of soup, but it turns out that he was sitting on a million dollar masterpiece. The real problem is that Mr. Klutz, the principal, said if Andrea and A.J. don't fight for a whole day, they would get chocolate bars! Ms. Hannah explained how they would be working together on a project, and guess what? Their art actually came out great! Read this book to find out if Andrea and A.J. become friends.

I enjoyed reading the book Ms.Hannah is Bananas. All of the parts of this book just made me burst out loud with laughs. My favorite part of the story was when Andrea and A.J. had to make a friendly picture together. A.J. wanted to work with his friends, and Andrea wanted to work her friends, but they did it together and survived. The weird thing was that it came out really great! They made a butterfly on a skateboard, but there is more to the book. This book was entertaining because it had a lot of funny jokes. A book like this can teach you a lesson. It taught me that just because of how person looks and what the person likes to do, it doesn't mean that they are weird. It also taught me to make new friends and don't always fight with someone because they are a boy, girl, or for any other reason. You might hurt their feelings.

HA-HA-HA! HA-HA-HA! If you like books that knock your socks off, then this is the book for you. This book was so great I didn't want to stop reading it. In this book, there are jokes and things that happen that are funny and surprising. So, I recommend that you read this book. I recommend this book to all third graders.