1 Tacky in Trouble

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Tacky in Trouble

Written by Helen Lester

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Ezra H. (age 8)

Tacky in Trouble

This story is hilarious. It`s about Tacky and an elephant named Rocky. It`s funny because Rocky thinks Tacky is a bunch of flowers, but he`s really a penguin.

Tacky likes to wear a colorful flower-covered shirt. I like the picture where Rocky thinks Tacky is a bunch of flowers. She puts him in a vase to brighten things up. Tacky is an ?odd bird?. While one of his companions is combing his feathers neatly with a comb, Tacky is combing his feathers upwards with a fork! He looks pretty wacky!

If you like Tacky books then you?ll like Tacky in Trouble. You?ll like this book because it?s funny.