1 Dinosaur Dinners

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Dinosaur Dinners

Written by Lee Davis

Illustrated by Lee Davis

Reviewed by Yuri K. (age 8)

Dinosaur Dinners

Sharp teeth, scary face, the hideous dinosaur on the cover of this book could tear me limb from limb! This book is about dinosaurs? dinners and it scares me. I would not have fun if I was in a dinosaur?s jaws at all!

I like the illustrations of the dinosaurs, especially the styracosaurus. I love the way they made its horns. It makes me feel like I?m in where the dinosaurs lived. My favorite picture is so funny. It?s when a Tyrannosaurus (tie-RAN-uh-SORE-us) is looking surprised.

Even though this is a fact book, it doesn?t have a table of contents or an index, but it does have a glossary. This glossary tells what kind of dinosaur, how long it was, what it ate, and when it lived.

I recommend that if you like scary things you try looking in your local library for Dinosaur Dinners. You?ll learn a lot!