1 Land of the Dragons

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Land of the Dragons

Written by Rod Morris

Illustrated by Rod Morris

Reviewed by Austin R. (age 8)

Land of the Dragons

This exciting book is as old as I am, so Rod Morris was taking photographs when I was only crawling! This book tells lots of interesting facts. There is a map that shows that the Komodo dragons are on the island of Komodo near the equator.

In the Land of the Dragons, when two dragons fight, both dragons fight on their hind legs. When one dragon is pushed onto the ground it can be very hurt. Sometimes they get so hurt they can?t hunt ever again. I like this book because the pictures are so close up. The pictures are all photographs. One shows the mama Komodo dragon protecting the baby dragons. Another shows the dragons eating a big, enormous water buffalo. I would like to take photos like Rod Morris. I would like to be a photographer too, and take pictures of African animals.

If you like dragons and other wild animals, you should read this book.