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Muggie Maggie

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Brenna (age 9)

Muggie Maggie

This book is about a girl named Maggie Schultz. Her class is learning cursive, but Maggie doesn't like cursive. This story takes place at her school and her house.

The problem is that Maggie doesn't want to learn cursive. Mrs. Leeper, her teacher, sent notes to other teachers that talked about Maggie. She wanted Maggie to bring the notes because she wanted her to read cursive. Maggie did peek at the notes and try to read the cursive writing.

Once, Maggie had to bring a note to the principal's office. When she brought the note to the office, she looked inside the note. When she found out the note was about her, she got interested in it.

Maggie also was sent to the principal's office once to talk about why she didn't want to learn cursive. Then her mom heard about it and had a meeting with her teacher. Read on to find out if Maggie learns cursive.

My favorite part is when Maggie starts to read cursive by reading the notes that the principal and the teacher wrote. It was my favorite part because she started to read what Mrs. Leeper, her teacher, and Mr. Galloway, her principal, wrote. It said, "when is this girl ever going to decide to write cursive?" The principal wrote, "Maggie will decide to read and write cursive sooner or later. It looks like later."

When I read the book it made me wonder about whey she didn't want to learn cursive and why she was so interested in the notes. I felt like she was making a big deal out of it and she was being stubborn.

I liked the illustrations because they have a lot of details. The illustrations look realistic. I like the illustrator because she uses black and white and she also uses dark colors.

I recommend this book to third and fourth graders who are interested in cursive writing.