1 Castles

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Written by Philip Steele

Illustrated by Philip Steele

Reviewed by Christal Z. (age 10)


This story is titled Castles. The author of this story is Matt White. Castles is about how people lived in their own castle and what happened there. In the story, the castle of London has people living in it. The prisoners that were in the castle of London also ate their last supper there. People that lived in the castle had wars sometimes. There were some people trying to hurry to prepare the things they needed for war.

If you like history, and you want to learn about what people used in the wars, then you should read this wonderful story. Also, if you have a project or something on castles you can find ideas in this book. Teachers that teach history, can teach from this book.

By reading this book, I learned that castles were used for many other things not just for princesses to live in. I like how in the story they explained how tools were made and used as weapons. The castle in this story reminds me about a historic castle museum I went to visit with my family.