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Written by Jhon F. Prevast

Reviewed by Ednna D. (age 9)


The book Sunflowers is about how Sunflowers grow and survive. Sunflowers were also the first flowers to grow in North America. They are also very beautiful flowers. People use Sunflowers to eat. They also grow in different types of soil. The sun helps green plants grow. The food returns to the roots. Sunflowers can grow up to 10 feet tall. Sunflowers are very popular for their good seeds and large petals.

This is a great book for people who like sunflowers. Also, for people who like sunflowers and enjoy planting them. By reading this book you could also learn the life cycle of these flowers. This book shows you many details about sunflowers.

The book Sunflowers is similar to the book Wildflowers. They are both about how the flowers grow. Read this book to find out if Sunflowers grow where you live. I found it very interesting to know that this flower is name after the sun because the sun helps it grow very tall. It is also interesting how sunflowers face the sun all day!