1 The Wump World

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The Wump World

Written by Bill Peet

Illustrated by Peet, Bill

Reviewed by Cooper R. (age 8)

The Wump World

Do you know what polluting will do to the world? It will make the world so it will never be the same. This book is about the Wumps and the Pollutians. The Wumps eat grass and drink water and they respect their world. The Pollutians pollute one world, then another. They pollute, they cough, they get sick, then they move on and leave pollution behind them again. This story is about when the Wump World gets polluted by the Pollutians.

The illustrations look like they are made with ink pen and watercolor. I like how Bill Peet makes the ripples in the water when the Wumps are jumping in the pond or stream. Bill Peet is good at making the Wumps? expressions. When the Wumps are hiding in the tunnels, their faces look sad. It makes me feel sad that they have to hide from the Pollutians.

I?ve seen a signal with green, yellow, and red lights with a solar panel that collects sunlight to use for energy. When I play games like GameCube and Gameboy, I use rechargeable batteries. We recycle cans and paper at home. If you are interested in not polluting the world, you might like this book.