1 Swamp Angel

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Swamp Angel

Written by Anne Isaacs

Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Reviewed by Harper S. (age 7)

Swamp Angel

This is a book about a giant woman, Swamp Angel, and a gigantic bear, Thundering Tarnation. The townspeople try to kill the bear because he gobbled up all their winter food. The bear?s fur is so thick that the gunshot doesn?t even touch his skin.

This book has amazing illustrations. They are painted on very thin wood. Swamp Angel won a Caldecott Honor Award. My favorite part is when Angel tossed Tarnation into the sky. You can still see him where he crashed into a bunch of stars. My favorite words are when Angel said to Tarnation, ?. . . if you warn?t the most wondrous heap of trouble I ever come to grips with?. I like the pictures of the men who tried to fight the bear but they lost. They all look embarrassed. My favorite one is the man in the pile of toothpicks. You?ll have to read this book to find out what happens to all these other fighters.

If you like Tall Tales, this book is definitely for you. Little children who can?t read yet would like the pictures.