1 Young Harriet Tubman, Freedom Fighter

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Young Harriet Tubman, Freedom Fighter

Written by Anne Benjamin

Illustrated by Ellen Beier

Reviewed by Caroline C. (age 8)

Young Harriet Tubman, Freedom Fighter

This book is about Harriet Tubman?s life growing up. She had to work a lot harder when she was a child than I do now. For example, she had to carry messages many miles when she was only three.

Harriet promised herself that she would take the underground railroad to freedom. The picture helped me to understand how she felt. My favorite part is when Harriet finally reaches Pennsylvania. I like this part because she becomes free. There was no slavery in Pennsylvania. Harriet helped many other slaves get out of slavery. She still helped people after slavery was ended.

This is a really good biography. If you want to learn about Harriet Tubman, you should get this book.