1 Mrs. Patty is Batty!

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Mrs. Patty is Batty!

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by T.E. (age 9)

Mrs. Patty is Batty!

Mrs. Patty Is Batty is a spooky book! A.J., Michael, and Ryan want to go out for mischief night. So, A.J. and Ryan lie to their parents. "I'm going over A.J.'s house," said Ryan. "I'm going over Ryan's house," said A.J. After lying to their parents, they finally met at Andrea's house to tee-pee it. That means to cover it with toilet paper. Michael couldn't come because he was grounded for pulling the arms off of his sister's doll. Then Ryan suggested they tee-pee Emily's house after they finished Andrea's house! If you want to know if they get in trouble on mischief night, you must read this book.

I enjoyed reading this teeth chattering book! It's a good book to read on Halloween because of the time when the story takes place. My favorite part of the story is when Mr. Klutz was acting like the king of France and fighting Mrs. Patty's dead husband Marvin. Marvin came out of the chest full of candy. Then, Marvin ripped off his head and started fighting, too! I find it funny when characters fight in a story. So if you read Mrs.Patty Is Batty, you'll jump out of your seat!

WOOO! WOOO! Careful! This story is for kids who only like sneaking out on Halloween night and mischief night! Oh, and this story has bats, mummies, and most of all, trick-or-treating! Also, it is entertaining and will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!