1 Geronimo Stilton: The Mummy with No Name

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Geronimo Stilton: The Mummy with No Name

Written by Geronimo Stilton

Reviewed by V.P. (age 8)

Geronimo Stilton:  The Mummy with No Name

Are you ready to go to the museum? Geronimo Stilton bumped into Bugsy. Bugsy is a little mouse that always wears a bandana. Meanwhile, Geronimo Stilton and the professor saw a mummy walking and saying, "Go away or you will be sorry." Geronimo Stilton fell in love as soon as he saw Bugsy's aunt named Petunia. Geronimo Stilton , Bugsy, and Professor finally go into the hall of scarabs. They saw a beautiful collection of gold, silver, copper, jade, alabaster, ruby, emerald, and topaz Egyptian beetles that were on exhibit. They found a mysterius door, but it shut right on top of them, and a gust of wind blew out the candle. It was so dark. Bugsy found a way out. Bugsy and Benjamin caught the shadow. The shadow was Sally Ratmousen's cousin. She was the mummy and the cleaning lady in the museum. The shadow sprayed something in the air and it disappeared. Bugsy, and Benjamin found the missing piece of papyrus. They all gathered in professor Sandshouts office and put the two pieces together to find out what the pharaoh's precious treasure is. The pharaohs treasure is to be at the side of his wife forever. The minister of culture of new mouse city got permission to bring the mummy back to Egypt and place the mummy next to his wife.

I enjoyed The Mummy with No Name because there were exciting events like they saw a lot of coffins that looked cool. Also, some of the history was amazing. My favorite part of the book is when the door shut. It made me want to see what would happen next. You had to see Geronimo Stilton. He was freaking out. I enjoyed the pictures in this book because it told me how they felt. For example, when the mummy came, the illustrations showed me that they were scared. It also helped tell the story. I felt like I never wanted to stop reading this book because it was wonderful. This story amazed me and it will amaze you, too.

CAUTION! CAUTION! I recommend this book to children who enjoy mysteries. This book is funny, adventurous, and scary all at the same time. Don't just sit there watching your movie, get up and get this book now to see what happens.